You only have

to Enjoy The 2018 Saint Clare Festival!

Rides, Food and Games Open

Thursday, May 31     6-10 PM

Friday, June 1          6 -11 PM

Saturday, June 2      3-11 PM

Sunday, June 3          1-7 PM




Las Vegas Casino Open

Thursday, May 31     n/a 

Friday, June 1        6 PM-12 AM

Saturday, June 2   6 PM-12 AM

Sunday, June 3         n/a





Thursday, May 31 7:00 PM Fred Barringer and the United Swing Cooperative website
Friday, June 1 7-9 PM $1 Euclid Beach Rocket Car Rides website
Friday, June 1 7:00 PM Disco Inferno website
Saturday, June 2 4:30-5:30 PM Jungle Bob website
Saturday, June 2 5-8 PM The Amazing Balloon Ninja website
Saturday, June 2 7:00 PM Cocktail Johnny website
Sunday, June 3 1-3:30PM The Summit website
Sunday, June 3 4-7PM Top Dog website
Saint Clare Festival Katie on Coaster
Saint Clare Festival Midway Night VIew
Saint Clare Festival Midway VIew
Saint Clare Festival Tilt Wheel Night View

Best Games & Rides for Kids

Saint Clare Festival Kids Ride with Parent
Saint Clare Festival Kids Game
Saint Clare Festival Kids Ride
Saint Clare Festival Kids Game